Aisle Perfect: Jessica + Felipe

Kunbi O / Friday April 19, 2013
What better way to close the week than with a PERFECT wedding. Everything about this wedding screamed elegance. The Bride is breathtaking in her Carolina Hererra dress and the Groom made sure to bring an equal level of handsome to match. The photography by Kane+Social sets the perfect mood for a beautiful love story. A perfect example of why photography should be one of the top considerations when planning a wedding is the story of the picture above- Jessica and Felipe liked the idea of doing a ‘first look’ in natural light. However, because their ceremony did not start until seven at night, their photographer got creative. This picture of the bride and groom was shot at different times and later composited together. Awesome right? The Bride and Groom did not see each other until the ceremony. Creativity goes a long way in weddings, you do whatever needs to be done to have the perfect memories. This wedding definitely warmed my heart and I’m sure it will do the same to you.
From the Bride:

Felipe and I met at Warped Tour in 2000 briefly and would randomly see each other through mutual friends over the course of the next 10 years, but always we lived in different cities and/or we weren’t single whenever we’d bump into each other.  Finally some stars aligned and we ran into each other at a BBQ and a year later he proposed.

Inspiration: We wanted to keep things as simple as possible, but its hard to do so with 750 guests, especially at night, you can lose a lot of details, so although we had a ton of lighting and a band and all that, we tried to keep things like the bridesmaid dresses, flowers, colors, and invites neutral. I was excited about my Milkbar cake and my photographer, Rob Chamorro of Kane & Social, both came from NY which meant a lot to me !

Another composited picture of two images shot at different times. Perfect!

The Reception…

Favorite Memory:  There were a lot, the rehearsal dinner was really special, getting ready with my 18 bridesmaids was great, they came from all over the place, the ceremony was emotional, arriving at the reception with Felipe and seeing everyone greet us, dancing with my dad and grandfather, seeing my mom enjoying herself after all that work she put into this. I also enjoyed the few minutes between the church and the reception hanging out with my husband in the limo and realizing what just happened, that was cool.

Vendors: Photography: Robert Chamorro for Kane and Social;  Ceremony: Church of the Ephiphany;  Reception: Private Residence;  Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera via Ever After Miami;  Bridesmaids: Designed by Bride;  Shoes: Pelle Moda;  Invitations: Jessica Ramirez;  Transportation: Meilan Brothers Limo;  Music: Junior’s Band;  Lighting, Rentals & Catering: Suzanne Michael;  Cake: Momofoku Milkbar (shipped from New York); Event Planning: Suzanne Michael with help from Bride’s Mother Myriam Ramirez.

Thank You Jessica and Felipe for sharing your Aisle Perfect wedding with us.