Berta 2013 Look Book

Kunbi O / Friday March 15, 2013

I think a mere “We’re in love again” would be insufficient to describe what you’re about to see. Israeli Haute Couture House BERTA just released their 2013 Look Book and Aisle Perfect has the exclusive first look! We promise you this collection is everything and more. 

From our friends at BERTA:

BERTA’s inspiration for the 2013 collection came primarily  from the classic 1920s and 1950s which is why she chose to shoot the catalog in Paris, France – the most classic place of all.
The trend in this year’s collection is heading towards a more simplified design, but with a sophisticated touch and unique materials all delivered in the boldness BERTA’s designs are known for. 


All in Favor, Say I! 

For ordering information, visit www.bertafashion.com or email bertabridal@gmail.com