Loving… “The Bride’s Special Dance”

Kunbi O / Friday February 1, 2013

What I am about to share with you goes down in my top 10 favorite things I have ever seen. no joke. I am currently weeping here and I advice you to grab your box of tissues.

From LaFrance Films:

Andrea had a very special dance with some very close family and friends at her wedding. Her father passed away so her brother recored “butterfly kisses” and she danced with with all of them during her Father and Daughter dance. it was a truly touching moment not a dry eye in the house.Her dad, Mark, died earlier in the year from pancreatic cancer. Andrea’s first dance is with Mark’s father, followed by her brother Luke, then brother Nick and finally her new father-in-law Scott.

My father passed away when I was younger and I must say it was tough holding back tears during my wedding just thinking of how amazing it would have been for him to be there. This video brought those emotions out gosh. Hope you guys enjoy it . 

Happy Friday !