Ekaete and Yaw’s Proposal Story

Kunbi O / Tuesday February 26, 2013
Love is such a beautiful thing isn’t it? I am excited to share Ekaete and Yaw’s proposal with you. You gotta love a man who goes all out to pop the question. I’ll let the Bride do the sharing….

It was a Saturday afternoon in November, the 17th to be exact, when my baby asked me the question I felt like I’d been waiting my whole life for. The events leading up to the actual popping of the question however, were perhaps not very conventional.
He said we had been invited to a surprise dinner party in Central London. We drove down to Charing Cross where the restaurant was. A friend of his, an amazing musician called Midé, was in Trafalgar Square filming some promo video for an upcoming concert – he had told me about this a while ago – and he asked if we could pass by to say hello. Sure, why not?
Midé was playing his guitar and there were two guys filming him. Yaw and I wanted to show our moral support so we were dancing hard and just generally enjoying ourselves. I noticed that Jide had taken his camera off Midé and was filming us instead. Yaw said that he probably wanted some ‘audience shots’ which he was going to mix with the shots from the other camera for the video – fair enough right?
Next thing, Yaw asked Midé to play a song for us. It seemed like a fairly impromptu request and so I didn’t think anything of it initially. He started to play I Love My Chick by Busta Rhymes, as requested. When that was done, he followed it with medley of Nigerian love songs, all of which had been ‘our song’ at one point in time. I started to get suspicious. It seemed a bit too much of a coincidence that although he had only requested one song, Midé was playing all these songs. Then he started to play Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars – a song I truly love. Alarm bells were starting to ring in my head by this point. But surely he couldn’t have been about to propose. Afterall he didn’t do it yesterday and I wasn’t going to fall for that trick again (read about how he ‘fake proposed’ the night before here)
At that point, Yaw turned me around. Behind us stood 5 of our closest friends holding up letters – M, A, two Rs and a Y. I turned back to look at him and he had unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a tee shirt underneath that had ‘ME’ written on it. MARRY ME!
He got down on his knee and held my hand. “I already gave you the speech yesterday so you know what this is about”, he said. “What’s the answer going to be then?”
Somehow I had lost the ability to speak and I found that all I could do was nod my head. “I can’t hear you”, he kept saying. I managed to whisper “Yes” the third time, I think. Then I suddenly heard behind me, “We can’t ‘ear ya back here!” A crowd had gathered around us – we were in the middle of Trafalgar Square afterall – and they were all waiting to hear my response. I screamed “Yes!” and the crowd burst into applause. Yaw brought out this beautiful ring and put it on my finger, and for a few seconds I forgot the entire world existed while I planted a big kiss on my fiancé!
You know what comes next though… wedding planning! You can follow my planning adventure on mintcoralgold.wordpress.com – and if you were wondering, yes, those are our wedding colours.
Congrats Ekaete and Yaw. Thanks for sharing your proposal story with us. 
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