Our Welcome Bags: What to Include

Kunbi O / Tuesday November 20, 2012
As is customary for weddings with a lot of out of town guests, I decided to prepare welcome bags with information and goodies for the wedding.
I bought 100+ canvas bags from cheaptotes.com (legit site guys) and packed them with the following:

1. A welcome letter with “need-to-know” for the big day including contact information for the Wedding Planner and the Hotel Coordinator. It is always best not to put the Bride or Groom’s number (for obvious reasons I hope). I included information on picture hash-tags ( Read my post on Hash-tags HERE)
2. Each Welcome Bag had one of four of my favorite ‘love’ books… 10,000 ways to say I love you, Love Poems by Pablo Neruda, 100 Best Love Poems of All Time and Love Poems for Every Man’s Library
Tip: Many of these books are available for $1 on Amazon and at used book stores.
3. Wine & Vodka… These were a hit! lol
4. Coupon & Guide books I scooped from the Airport … woop!
5. Snack Packs… God bless Walmart!
6. Single-Dosage packs of Advil… last night was mad real..lol
7. Personalized Door Hangers
Check out my post on Personalized Door Hangers HERE
8. Postcards from Orlando … You can get these for 50c almost anywhere

9. And lastly, mini bottles of water.. everybody needs water!
You can get bulk cartons of these at your neighborhood grocery store.

I’m pleased to say the Welcome Bags were a success!

Happy Tuesday!