#KO2012. Bridal Shower(s) & Bachelorette

Kunbi O / Friday November 23, 2012

So I was greedy… I had two showers and an unforgettable bachelorette party.  I know I say it a lot but I truly love my friends and I know the sacrifices they made to perfect my whole year as a bride. Thanks ladies. I pray the Lord blesses you and rewards you awesomely.  I did loose posts on both showers but decided to combine them into one. Voila!


Read on for picture overload!

Take 1 …. Pink Princess in Paris!
Everyone had to wear a shade of Pink…. LOOOOVED IT! A special and huge shoutout to my hostess Nne (ladyinluck.blogspot.com) aka Mrs. Osoka  love you BEYOND.
The 3 secrets to Kunbi’s heart Pink (and Purple), Princess-y, and Parisian .. sigh. I also told my boo-hostess that I would love to have my mother and aunts in attendance. I was so nervous that the hustle and bustle of their work lives would prevent them from coming but *phew* they made it and it was the most magical time ever. Men adults give the most uncomfortable bedroom advice *shivers*
Pink Paradise! everything was just so girly and pretty. 
My lovers and friends…
The Mamas ….
Hard at work 
The most amazing Hostess ever !

My awesome present from my ace Segi …love that short girl
The Tissue Paper Dress Game:
  1. Divide the guests into teams. The teams can consist of however many guests you feel appropriate. An easy way to select teams is to make each table a team. Each team selects a “bride” to model the toilet-paper “dress.” 
  2. Distribute three or four rolls of toilet paper to each team.
  3. Set a timer for 20 minutes and instruct the teams to dress their “bride” in a “bridal gown” using only the rolls of toilet paper.
  4. After time is up, each team’s bride will parade in front of the real bride-to-be, who will choose her favorite dress.
  5. Award a prize to each member of the winning team.
Check out these AMAZING tissue paper dresses on Huffington Post
YAY! pictures don’t do it justice- it was awesome! My bridesmaids & friends ROCK. Major hugs and kisses to my wonderful love/host Nne AND my dear Fona for coordinating 😀
Now Take 2… 
Wine Tasting Shower in the Catskills 
I think anyone who knows me (sadly) knows Im a WINE LOVER … Like a hugeee wine love but im not an alcoholic i promise.  When my maids insisted they wanted to keep me in the dark about the theme of the shower I was obviously very curious. I mean as a wedding lover, I have seen it ALL and just couldn’t picture what it would be. Well, GOSH! my darling darling friends planned the most amazing Vineyard shower .. We boarded a private party bus run by the wine tour company and headed out to wine country- the Catskills !  Each winery treated us like princesses and served up their best. Needless to say I felt great by the time we were done.
Special shout-out to my dear friend Nosa and my ace Segi who just blew this out of the water. I love you ladies!
As if my amazing day wasnt enough we headed back into the city for the best bachelorette party ever.
Nosa had always called dibs on planning my bachelorette and after that night I could see why.
My Law & Order Bachelorette...
for those who don’t know I’m an attorney and love the  Law & Order tv series. 
I really can’t explain what was going on here .. sigh
co-planner of life. I wish I could effectively express how much I love this girl
my AWESOME cake!
No words, just love.

Have a great weekend ladies. I have a couple of posts scheduled for while I’m gone. Enjoy!

See you in 10 days 😀