KO2012 | Bridesmaid Brunch

Kunbi O / Monday October 1, 2012

So I had 15 bridesmaids.. yes, FIFTEEN! pick your jaws up from the floor, I am a lover okay? My argument is that we had no little people (kids) so lets be nice guys!

Anyways my bridesmaids (some more than others .. love u girls!) endured a ton of hoopla over the year of our engagement between high dress costs, bridal shower fees and my daily discussions *sigh*. I decided to show my appreciation with a ‘Bridesmaids Bruncheon’ the day before the wedding. Click for more…

For those interested- my dress is BEBE and the bejeweled flats ( hard to see here) are from my favorite place in the world -TARGET
I am just blessed with some of the kindest people…tears galore 
one of the “kindest people” i spoke about.. my boo Rima crying as usual.
My baby girl Bu.. the lieutenant for the week.
My lover Bolanle who talked me through the whole wedding process. I love you Bobs!

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side.”

With everyone liquored up and jovial, it was time to give out my bridesmaids gifts. will share the pics in the next post since i have photo-bombed you here.. lol

One WHOLE month 😀