#KO2012- The Second Dress: Angel Sanchez

Kunbi O / Friday October 12, 2012
My second beauty (am I allowed to say things like this? I really did love both my dresses) was purchased from the Mark Ingram bridal atelier in Manhattan. I tried this dress solely because my attendant Anju insisted.. I knew Angel Sanchez was the man behind Eva Longoria and Sandra Bullock’s wedding dresses (granted both marriages are now over but hey! The dresses were gorgeous) but my friend Danielle and I saw the dress hanging and thought “how dry”… Well it was anything but! … It fit my body perfectly (obviously the pictures below are pre-alterations…so much material to shed lol) and worked as a totally different look from my Emmeline. What I loved THE MOST about this dress was the asymmetrical train .. how nouveau!

Danielle’s “aww its beautiful” face re-created.
Mark Ingram HIMSELF
Pictures on the actual day coming soon.
Happy Friday !
Today I am celebrating one of the most amazing blessings in my life. I met my friend Nosa 7 years ago during Christmas break and there was almost no looking back haha!
Happy Birthday Smallie! I love you dearly.