KO2012 as it Happened

Kunbi O / Thursday October 11, 2012
So… I’m leaving it up to my treasured friend and bridesmaid Bolanle to gist you about it all as it happened from her eyes. woop!

KO2012: As it Happened
Where do I begin?  This wedding and the weekend was everything Kunbi dreamt it would be and even more. It was classic, elegant, and detailed… in short, it was breathtaking.
My KO2012 experience started from Friday August 31st, as I couldn’t make it down on time for the start of the festivities on Thursday where there was a cocktail for the guests that were already present.  The first event I attended was the bridesmaid’s brunch- it was sooo delicious, and the hotel had a wonderful set up for us, everything was just so decadent. Kunbi handed out our great bridemaid’s gifts which was a personalized goodie bag filled with sentimental items for us all.. I’m sure she’ll tell you all about it.
After brunch, we headed off to church for rehearsal, where we did a proper run through of how the ceremony would take place, like the priest was really thorough, even though I am of the belief that rehearsals don’t work (people ALWAYS forget) this one was much needed since the church was slightly different.
Ladies at Rehearsal
After rehearsal was the Rehearsal Dinner, which was a lot of fun, people got to unwind just a bit before the big day, but not us bridesmaids we had a lot of work to do. We got our bride to leave the dinner at around 11, sent her off to go get some beauty rest while we trooped off to Kike’s room to begin work. We had about 400 favor bags to pack and luckily since Kunbi had quite a number of hands on deck, we pretty much went through it fast. The fun part of the night was Bukky O and I figuring out the order of how people would do their hair and make up the next morning, I had seen Buu’s schedules before and was glad that we were able to do one for Kunbi especially with the number of girls (Fifteen!) we needed to be on time and on schedule.

Our fabulous schedule!
Ready to Go!
I must say I woke up refreshed at 6:30, showered and by 8am was ready to put our schedule in place. Our bride was up ready to have the day that she had envisioned start playing out for real this time, eeek so exciting! We had a lovely prayer session, but nothing beats Kunbi’s family, there were prayers for Kunbi as you’ll see in the video, prayers over her dress, prayers as she wore her dress, prayers as she stepped out into the room looking like a breath of fresh air, she was absolutely stunning, her Vera Wang dress was just divine and she really and truly was a princess. With her veil on, shoes on we stepped out of the room ready to head over to church with even time to spare, it was amazing, then dun dun dun the funniest thing happened, the planner’s assistant stepped on Kunbi’s dress- it was like a moment from Bridezillas.. she was not too pissed but she just in a nice loud voice let us know that someone had stepped on her dress, the planner stopped and started looking around,- girl we know it was you! 

THAT moment!
She’s off to get Married!
Hahaha….anyways we proceeded got in the car, and off she went to get married. I mean she just looked beautiful.We walked down the aisle and  I remember seeing Olamide’s mum cry when he walked down, she looked so proud of her son. Then the moment was finally here for Kunbi to walk down the aisle, I mean even before the doors opened, bridesmaids were already crying, Olamide was already breathing so fast and then it happened the doors opened, he saw his bride and burst into tears, I mean all of us just started crying, she looked so beautiful walking to her husband. The moment she had probably played in her head several times was a reality. No joke, she was radiating with joy and happiness if I may say so and I’m sure she will agree. It happened so fast as it usually does, before you knew it they had exchanged vows and whoop! They were now Mr and Mrs O sigh such a nice ring and sight to see.
After the service, we headed back to the Hilton. As Lamide and Kunbi were off taking pictures, the bridal party was having fun choreographing the dance steps they were going to dance into the hall with. The Bride selected Obi Mu O by Obiwon which most of the bridal party didn’t know but fortunately I did-I love that jam Kunbz! We sure had a good time and then it was time again part 2! Time to go start the reception ceremony, while anxiously waiting to go in none of us had any idea the awesomely majestic, breathtaking, “kunbi-creation” that was waiting for us to see-it sure was pretty, we all danced in and waited on the couple.They came in and Olamide was giving Kunbi a run for her money o, he looked like he had been practicing his azonto! Even his friends said it, they didn’t know Lams had moves like this yo!
This is getting long! Haha! the entire reception was beautiful, from their beautiful first dance, to Seye’s fantastic speech, to the dance off between Mrs Odubs snr and Mrs Odubs jnr, to Kunbi dancing Shina Peters with her mum, to the detailing…aaah the details- I won’t spoil it ! to Fola’s dad killing it on the dance floor, so many moments, everyone had a wonderful time. IT was definitely a KO aka KNOCK OUT wedding! I can go on and on but I will stop here, Kunbi will share some more on the blog and let you guys see in pictures how everything came to play. Definitely one of the best weddings I have been too!
Love you Barrister Princess and thanks for letting us be part of your special day