NYBFW: Atelier Pronovias “Beyond the Stars” 2020 Bridal Collection

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday October 7, 2019


Story time! When I got engaged there’s was only one thing I absolutely knew I wanted for my wedding: to be a Pronovias bride. To me, it was the ultimate dream to float down the aisle in one of the designers’ stunning creations. I had an appointment booked at the salon and big plans to bring all the women in my life with me for a big bridal event. Then, one day, my mom and I were out to lunch and had one too many lunch time margaritas (sue me) and wandered into David’s Bridal. I put on an Oleg Cassini dress and that was it. Not how I expected my story to end, but it is my story nonetheless. Warning: don’t marg and dress shop.

So whenever we get a Pronovias collection to share, I get wistful and excited. Looking through the Beyond The Stars collection from NYBFW I can tell you one thing for certain: the 80’s are back. In a BIG way. All you gotta do is scroll to see why.

The brand’s Creative Director, Hervé Moreau, described the collection as “the most challenging and intricate collection of the brand’s history. Each piece and design require a lot of manual work and is conceptually and visually connected to the Beyond the Stars aesthetics.” Beyond The Stars is inspired by Moreau’s childhood in Nice, France where he was drawn to the art displayed at the Marc Chagall museum. The art displayed portrays love, joy, and celebrates the effervescence of all brides by highlighting floating silhouettes, harmonious landscapes, and shining stars.