Taking Care of Your Wedding Dress Before & After Your Big Day!

Feyi Bello / Friday July 16, 2021
Hands up if your beloved wedding dress is a bundled mess in a suitcase, possibly in storage at your mom’s house.
A lot of thought goes into getting the dress, but oftentimes, we are completely unprepared for how to preserve it before, during, and after the wedding. But don’t you worry about it sweetheart, Perfete is here to save the day!

1. Handle your wedding dress as little as possible before your wedding day.

“Oils from your skin, along with dirt and dust from brushing against the ground, can cause unsightly yellow staining in just a few short months. If you do need to try your dress on for a final fitting, use linen gloves and have a friend help you keep your wedding dress off the floor as much as possible.”

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit.

2. Remember to use padded hangers and a garment bag.

“As the gown leaves the boutique, you have to make sure it will be transported in a vehicle where you can lay it down in the back seat. Your gown needs space —lots of it. It should be protected by an extra-long bag to minimize the need for extra wedding dress cleaning or pressing. At home, hang your gown as high as possible -a door frame is a good example! It’s best to use padded hangers, which are important for keeping your dress safe leading up to your big day. Padded hangers also help keep the original shape of the wedding dress (you don’t want the shoulders deformed). Also, you can use a garment bag to keep dust and moisture out. Wedding dress storing before the event is another important task to consider. We suggest keeping your dress in the same temperature or environment that you would find comfortable (not your honeymoon destination!) Avoid storing it in the basement or the attic where it usually gets damp and musty. If you can, try to resist the temptation to try it on and take it from the bag, unless you need to make adjustments.”

JP Events & Design.

3. Leave it in the bag in a safe pet-free room.

“As tempting as it is to look at it, touch it (or even wear it) before your wedding day –resist! After your gown comes home from its final fitting, leave it in the bag in a safe, pet-free room. If you have a large ballgown and a significant other that promises not to peek, you may want to unzip the bag and let the skirt hang out to prevent wrinkles.”

-Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events.

4. Get your gown pressed!

“Get your gown pressed before the wedding day. Once it’s pressed, be sure that it’s hanging from the tallest hook so that the entire dress can hang straight down. This helps avoid wrinkles so that you do not have to press your gown once again before the big day. Your gown will ultimately get dirty from your wedding. Bleach stains, grass stains, floor stains, shoe prints, you name it. It’s great if you can try your best to keep it clean but do not be so worried about it on your wedding day, enjoy the big moment with your family and friends.”

-Naomi Bennett, Wedding Planner & Creative Director of Bowties & Bouquets.

5. Always hang the gown by the loops on the inside, not the straps.

“Once your gown comes back from alterations, be sure to hang it by the loops on the inside of the gown. Avoid hanging it by the straps as this can ruin the delicate sleeves, overstretch the sleeves or cause strain as your gown can be quite heavy.”

-Naomi Bennett, Wedding Planner & Creative Director of Bowties & Bouquets.


1. Don’t let it stress you out.

“One tip we always tell brides is not to be paranoid about their wedding dress on the day of their wedding. Today’s modern cleaning technology and cleaning solvents can remove any stains that occur on your wedding day, regardless of how daunting they may look to you. Have a blast, get all those fun photos you wanted, and have the peace of mind in knowing your wedding dress can be perfectly cleaned and restored to its original beauty back when you first fell in love with it at the boutique.”

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit.



1. Don’t rush to seal away your dress forever just yet!

“With all the effort involved in finding the perfect dress and all the joy of the big day, you may not be ready to seal your dress away in a box. Instead, keep your dress accessible and ready for future photo ops. If you’re fortunate enough to have a daughter, photograph her with the dress throughout the years. The first few years you could lay her on or beside the dress. As she gets older, have her photographed wearing it until she’s old enough to wear it.”

– Co-Founder + Designer, Bliss-On by Kat Platt.

2. Think about your game plan post-wedding.

“The sooner you have your wedding dress cleaned (and optionally preserved) after your wedding day, the easier it will be for the cleaner to remove stains such as makeup, icing, dirt and grass stains along your hemline, wine, and other accidents that are bound to happen on your wedding day. When these stains are not treated right away, they begin to break down the organic fibers of your dress and turn into unsightly brown stains.”

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit.

3. Keep in mind: Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

“The majority of stains on your wedding dress after your wedding day are invisible but will eventually become very visual stains over time if left untreated. White wine, perfume, and sweat are just a few stains that you may not see on your wedding dress after your wedding day, but will become problematic over time.”

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit.

4. Designate your official wedding dress caretaker.

“It would be very helpful to assign a responsible friend or family member to help you dress, bustle and undress to ensure the dress is properly hung and stored after the wedding. This person could be designated your “official wedding dress caretaker,” if you will. One of our secrets for spills on the wedding day is a bit of vodka dabbed onto the dress from a cloth white napkin will usually get out all spills and stains! Lastly, taking the dress to the dry cleaner to get professionally cleaned is a must. Hang it up in a safe place or closet at your home that doesn’t get used often.”

– Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides.

5. Store the gown in an area with controlled temperature.

“Once your big day closes, you’ll want to preserve your gown so that it stays in great shape for years to come. The first thing you need to look into is wedding dress cleaning. As much as possible, have it professionally cleaned after the event to ensure that any stains (if any) don’t have much time to be fully set. If you’re going on a honeymoon right after the wedding, have one of your bridesmaids take your gown to a trusted cleaner. To preserve your wedding dress, you can buy a conservation-grade acid-free box or container. Try not to hang it over an extended period because it can stretch the fabric over time. Store the gown in an area with controlled temperature, like under the bed or in a living space. Instead of going for wedding dress storing, there is also an option to either refashion, redesign, or repurpose your gown. If you’re feeling generous, you can even donate it to another bride-to-be. Or if you want to get some of your money back, you can sell on Craigslist, eBay, or other sites.”

JP Events & Design.

6. Consider a “trash the dress” session.

“It’s up to you how you want to preserve and take care of your dress! You need to decide if you want to keep it and preserve it, donate or sell it or even do a “trash the dress” session with your photographer after the wedding. It’s a personal decision to make but there are a lot of places you can find locally that can help you clean your dress and box it up for you so that it stays safe!”

-Kari Dirksen -CEO + Lead Planner, Feathered Arrow Events.

7. Try to stick to the same “rules” you had for your gown before the wedding day!

“Once your wedding is over, you want to still handle the gown with care, even if it’s dirty. Do not crumple it up and just throw it in a bag. Continue to hang it by the loops and place it inside its garment bag. If traveling, be sure to lay it flat and if you’re heading to your honeymoon, be sure to hang it on a hook. Avoid using a plastic bag to carry your gown. Plastic tends to have some sort of chemicals that can cause discoloration. Try to send your gown to a professional cleaning service ASAP or within 2 weeks of your wedding day. The sooner that your gown can be cleaned, the better! Oftentimes gowns have oils, wine, or dirt that can easily be removed when worked with quick enough. Finally, if you wish to preserve your gown to keep for your future generations, then once you receive your gown back from the cleaners, store your gown in an even temperature room. This will help avoid any discoloration or yellowing of the gown and it will keep in its pristine condition for years to come!”

-Naomi Bennett, Wedding Planner & Creative Director of Bowties & Bouquets.