Celebrating Our Top Luxury Bridal Designers of the Moment

Feyi Bello / Wednesday June 23, 2021

At Perfete, our first love is and always will be weddings! We started celebrating weddings and we vow to never ever stop, haha!

This might seem overly dramatic, but nothing, and we mean NOTHING is more important than the wedding dress. When you think back on any wedding, the dress is usually the most memorable detail, and for a detail that iconic we highly recommend you obsess and obsess over it!

You can always count on us to do the obsessing with you and our new Bridal Style Contributor is the perfect person for the job!  Salewa Osakwe of SO Style is a bridal and occasionwear stylist that just gets it! She’s a former Perfete Bride and has the eye for creating incredible fashion moments.

For her first post, she rounded up her top 8 bridal designers! We are SO thrilled to have her on the team, please give her a warm welcome! Take it away Salewa!

Salewa: Thank you Feyi, hello everyone, I am so excited to be joining the Perfete team!

The Bridal Industry is ever-growing and we love the influx of creativity that is more recently providing a wide array of options, particularly for the minimalist bride.

Today, we’re paying homage to 8 Luxury Bridal Designers, some that never miss a beat, and others to keep an eye on!

  1. Galia Lahav– you just never know what Galia Lahav will be up to next, but you’re always guaranteed strikingly beautiful lace and ethereal silhouettes that take GLAM to the next level. – think delightful couture.
  1. Leah Da Gloria– when it comes to the finest silk mikado, exceptional tailoring, and overskirts, not many come close to Leah Da Gloria; but make sure you don’t put them in a box, they do it ALL, really well too. One of their captions states “refined and sophisticated” and we totally agree.
  1. Danielle Frankel– Probably not a household name YET but Danielle Frankel makes us stop in our tracks and swoon, sometimes gasp. The designer aims to defy tradition and give the modern bride what they really want. If you’ve never been able to figure out what your bridal style could possibly be because the idea of wearing a ‘traditional’ gown is unappealing to you, Danielle Frankel is most likely for you. This is one designer we’re not taking our eyes off of for one moment!
  1. J’aton Couture– We’re especially biased towards this Melbourne-based couture house. We would absolutely love a glimpse into the creative process that goes into each masterpiece (trust us, every single gown is a masterpiece). For the daring, confident bride that does not shy away from making a statement. Pure genius and decadence!