Stop and Smell the Rosé: Fun Wine Down Party Inspiration

Perfete / Thursday June 25, 2020

There is truly nothing that soothes my soul like a glass of ice cold rosé – from the Provence region if we’re being specific (which we always are). Now that it’s summer, I prefer to simply call it my “summer water” and am sure to always have a few bottles chilled on hand. Naturally when we saw this super cute “Stop and Smell the Rosé” party from KeAira Chantell Events, we had to share it.

“I think we all can agree that we could all use a few hours to unplug from 2020,” said KeAira. “With COVID-19 and the racial injustices that have sparked nationwide protests, a few of my Black event professional peers and I wanted to take a moment to reconnect with one another in a safe space, with plenty of drinks! Therefore, we decided to get together for an intimate wine down in celebration of National Rosé Day. Here are my tips for those looking to host their own wine down:”

Pour It Up

What’s a wine down without the wine?! Since we are gearing up for the summer season, a rosé wine is the perfect drink to serve. For this event we chose La Fête Rosé as it tastes great on its own, with cotton candy and rock candy, and also as a spritzer mixed with tequila. Eliminate purchasing so many different types of wine by using one type of wine and creating a few drink options with it.

Stop And Smell The Roses

After sheltering at home for months, who doesn’t want to put on a cute outfit and flick it up for the camera? We accented a couch with nearly 200 roses, and it served as the perfect photo op while also providing seating. Make it easy for your guests to “do it for the ‘gram” by providing an area for them to take photos.

Get Your Feast On

Of course, you have to pair great wine with great food. Charcuterie cones are a fun twist on the traditional cheese board and makes the perfect appetizer. Considering selecting menu items that can be served at room temperature so guests can snack throughout the evening. Shrimp, salad, lamb chops, and ratatouille made for the perfect food display.

Play To Win

Incorporate games by adding a classy twist on a popular drinking game. Rather than playing beer pong in red plastic cups, we opted for “Prosecco Pong“ and used fabulous pink champagne coupes. The same rules still apply – if you lose, you drink!

Treat Yourself

No matter how much food and wine your guests have consumed, they will always make room for dessert. Consider a variety of items so there is something for everyone to enjoy. You should allocate at least 2 items per guest. For this event we served cupcakes, brownies, strawberries, and donuts along with a delicious cake.