9 Fun & Unique Baby Shower Themes

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday May 13, 2019




“One of our favorite baby shower themes is Into The Woods! Start by creating a centerpiece that is your version of a woodland clearing made of moss and lots of little plants and petite flowers with sturdy stems.  Purchase a selection of small forest animals like hedgehogs, skunks, foxes, owls, field mice, bunnies. Find little animals that are soft and flocked with sweet little faces. Place them along the mossy centerpiece as if they are making their way to a baby shower! Make tiny wrapped presents that you can either pin To one of their paws or wire into their wings, so that it looks like they are carrying presents to the baby shower. In the middle of the centerpiece use dollhouse furniture to create a baby shower vignette and ‘destination’ for the animals. All of the food should be thematic and be set and served with the woodland theme in mind. Salads sprinkled with fresh edible flowers, cheeseboards laden with sliced figs, honeycomb, and dried fruit, mushroom quiche, roasted carrots. The possibilities when using this charming baby shower are endless!” – Merryl Brown, President and Creative Director of Merryl Brown Events. Images via Etsy, Brit and Merryl Brown Events.



 If your style is more bohemian than classic, consider a cute “Ciao Bella!” theme. Bonus points if your baby’s name is Bella or Isabelle! Decorate with bohemian blush and ivory pillows, lots of macramé, and of course, champagne & desserts! Image via Nicole Hill Photography.



With Kim Kardashian’s recent CBD baby shower for baby #4, it’s no doubt that soon-to-be mamas have been inspired to take the Zen & relaxing route when planning their celebration! We’re thinking charcuterie boards with CBD-infused cheeses, crystal readings, sound baths and take-home goodies with products like Cured Nutrition’s cured spices and nighttime supplements. Images via April Maciborka and Trend4homy.