5 Tips for Picking the Right Wedding Jewelry For Your Dress

Kunbi O / Monday October 16, 2017
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You might have thought all of your fashion choices for your wedding ended when you found the dress. Even if you’ve already figured out how you want your hair and make-up to look, you still have one final task: accentuating your dress with just enough jewelry.

Of course, you already have one piece of bling you have to wear on the big day — and you’ll add a second ring after you walk down the aisle. But your wedding day accessorizing won’t start and end with a pair of rings. The right sprinkling of jewelry can finish off your entire look, after all.

So, how are you supposed to pick the perfect pieces for your big day? Here are five tips for making it easy — and making it work.

1.) Match Your Dress Hue With the Right Metallic

White is certainly a neutral, but it doesn’t go with everything. On top of that, there are different shades of white, at least as far as wedding dresses are concerned. So, take out your gown and analyze the color fabric you have before settling on a metallic theme for your wedding day jewelry.

If your dress is true, crisp, bright white, that shade is best accentuated with silver or platinum jewelry. The clean metal adds just enough shine to your gown but blends in with the color’s starkness and coolness. An ivory gown, on the other hand, has warmer undertones. As such, this fabric shade looks perfect with gold jewelry — two warmer hues side-by-side are the perfect pair, just like you and your fiancé. Champagne gowns also go best with gold. Again, the color is warmer than white, so a cool silver accessory would just clash.

And, if you’ve gone for a modern blush-colored gown, you can probably guess which finish brings out the best in your blush: rose-gold. Two pinky hues side-by-side will make that walk down the aisle even dreamier.

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2.) Don’t Forget the Bling You Already Have

The reason you’re getting married is because someone put a ring on your finger. Don’t forget that you’ll have to wear it as you walk down the aisle.

As a wedding jewelry rule of thumb, many brides slip their engagement rings onto their right ring finger as they walk down the aisle. This ensures the proper stacking of the ring once you have your wedding band: the band goes beneath the engagement ring, traditionally. Of course, you’ll move your engagement ring over once you’ve said “I do” to create the ring stack. But having it on your right hand during the ceremony means you might want to forego a cocktail ring on that hand.

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3.) Consider Your Dress’s Cut and Your Envisioned Hairstyle

The cut of your dress’s neckline will help you narrow down the field, as far as jewelry selection is concerned. A sweetheart neckline is the perfect backdrop for a statement necklace or choker, while a halter dress will look best with hair accessories only. Each type of neckline has its perfect accessory, so examine your dress and figure out what’ll work best before you go shopping.

The same goes with your hair, especially if statement earrings are on your shopping list. You’ll want to sweep your hair back to really show off dangly earrings, so don’t choose them if you envision your hair down on the big day. Stud earrings add just enough sparkle to a blowout, though.

4.) Hair Accessories Count, Too

As you start piecing together your look for your wedding, don’t forget to consider the accessories that’ll go in your hair. A simple veil worn during the ceremony might not be too much of a game-changer. But, imagine if you’ve purchased a broach for your hair and sparkling chandelier earrings, too: the side-by-side combination of all three can come off as too much.

Hair accessories are a great addition if you feel as though your look is too plain, too. There are so many creative bridal hair accessory ideas, so don’t start and end your search with veils, either.

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5.) When In Doubt, Choose Simple

If something feels like it doesn’t work, take it off — plain and simple. Perhaps your bridal party is telling you it looks fabulous, or you loved a piece yourself but now can’t quite see the magic anymore once it’s on. Whatever the case may be, don’t wear something if it doesn’t feel right. Even the slightest, smallest regret on your wedding day isn’t worth having, and the accessories you wear will live on in your wedding albums forever.

So, don’t be afraid to edit and keep things simple with one main accessory, for example. Trust your instinct and walk down the aisle in what you like best. It’ll show on your face how happy you are — and that might just be the best accessory any bride-to-be can wear, after all.  


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