What Every MOH Needs To Hear | Styled Shoot by Memkoh

Kunbi O / Thursday December 15, 2016


“Is this real life?” This among many other shock-related thoughts are crossing through your mind. You’re staring at the card that reads, “Will you be my maid of honor?” You’re crying. You’re numb. You’re so happy, you don’t even know how to handle it. We’re here to give you some insight as you approach this major milestone with your BFF.

The gorgeous pictures are from a styled shoot by our amazingly talented Pretty Perfect Partner Memkoh. Memkoh is dedicated to providing her clients with remarkable styling and personal shopping services for every major event. So as you approach this amazing honor,  take a deep breath, be inspired by this gorgeous shoot and know these truths:

1.) The fact that you and the bride are here together at this very moment is amazing. To have someone like you in the bride’s life who is gracious enough to be her maid of honor… I promise you she couldn’t be more thankful.


2.) I hope if the bridezilla comes out in her, you’ll know how to take it. She picked you for a reason. You mean everything to the bride. You’ve seen the good, and you’ve seen the bad. You were there for the bride’s beginning and end of her love story, so if anyone knows how to handle her through this process, it’s you. Don’t worry about a thaaang 🙂


3.) She’ll thank you for helping her pee and drying her tears about a thousand times, and it still won’t be enough.


4.) Be on the offensive for the relatives that are bugging the bride. This is the moment of her lifetime, the day she’s dreamt of all her life. Maybe she has an Aunt Talkative Tammie. Take one for the team, for the bride.


5.) For some reason, the mother of the groom tends to be overlooked. If you don’t already know her, it would probably mean the world to her if you reached out. Whether she’s showing it or not, she’s probably just as emotional if not more emotional than the bride herself.


6.) Be the overly protective one with a first aid kit for everything. Medicine, tampons, makeup, you name it. Every detail feels so heavily weighed on the big wedding day, and being the one who has it all will make you hero of the night.


7.) Make sure the bride is eating and drinking water. Nerves will make you forget your name sometimes.


8.) At the end of the day, all chaos aside… just have fun. Listen to The Spice Girls and all your favorite throwbacks. Laugh and cry together. This may be a huge day for the bride, but don’t undermine that it will be as heartfelt for you. After all, your best friend is about to do the one thing she’s always dreamed about and you play such an important role to someone’s life that you get to hold her hand and watch all of this happen for her. So please, let yourself enjoy the ride too. You absolutely deserve it.


Now keep calm, be merry, and help your best friend and the bride say, “I do”.


Styling: Memkoh/Photographer: Jessica of Harmony in Happenstance/Model (Bride): Senya Donkor /Model (Maid-of-Honor): Jasmine Fleming