GroomInspiration: 10 Style Tips for the Modern Groom

Brianna Kozlarek / Thursday April 28, 2016

We’re mixing it up today with 10 awesome style tips for the modern groom from the awesome team over at GroomInspiration. The evolving groom style is one of our absolute favorite trends over here at AislePerfect, so we couldn’t be more excited to hear all of their tips and tricks to help a groom stand out on HIS big day:

Groom Style Inspiration
George Okoro

More than ever before, grooms are becoming involved in ensuring that they look just as good as their brides on their big day. In 2016, grooms are not only opting for varied suit colors, but are now having two / three outfits as well their brides on the wedding. With this increased interest and attention in the grooms’ appearance, we have compiled 10 of our top tips for the groom.

1. Fit of the suit is everything. A suit tailored to the shape of the body has a better appeal.

2. Three piece suits could be tedious or turgid; but the trick is to have the waistcoat cut closely to the body physique and hemmed directly at the belt line to give a slimmer and more modern look.

Avoid over accessorizing; especially for classic grooms.  Pocket squares, tiepins, lapel pins should be used moderately or interchangeably, because sometimes less is more.

Tiffany and Keith by Danielle Real Photography
Danielle Real Photography

4.  There are currently three common types of suit fits; there is the Classic fit which has clean lines and a clean cut shape, less constricted for easy movement and a perfect option for men not used to wearing a suit or men who appreciate the simple cut. Then there is the slim fit, which just as the name implies refers to a more tailored fit and a modern option for style savvy men. Lastly there is the Modern fit which is a cross between the classic fit and the slim fit i.e. it is not firmly fitted and equally not loosely fitted, and a very modern option. 
Now the key is to find the one that suits you or are most comfortable in.

5.  Tailoring your trousers/pants a little bit short i.e. to rest just above the shoes creates certain uniqueness to your otherwise simple look.

6.  Show some personality by mixing and matching patterns and color shades; the juxtaposition is what you are going for.

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By Mari Photography via Aisle Perfect

7.  Match a bold tie with a somber or subdued shirt.

8.  When you opt for a bow tie look or want to go without a tie, a smaller shirt collar is more favorable.

9.  Grooms who intend to wear their wedding suit at other times should go for fabrics and styles that are easy to wear to other occasions after the wedding.

Don’t be afraid to push the envelope or try something new with your style, and at what better occasion than your own wedding.

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Skyla Walton Photography | Project Wedding