Create your dream wedding wish list with MyRegistry.com

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday March 28, 2016


As a bride-to-be, there are going to be many daunting tasks in your journey to the aisle (don’t even get us started on seating list drama!) But the one thing that shouldn’t be stressful? Picking out all of the items you need to start your life together as a couple. Shopping should be fun! However, sometimes narrowing down what stores to register at and what items to pick from can be a total pain. Luckily, there is MyRegistry.com! The best thing about this service is that you can create an online registry and add gifts from any store in the world – pretty awesome right? Instead of directing your guests to a million different stores, MyRegistry.com is a one stop shop where they can view everything on your wish list. It gets even better too. With their app, you can scan any barcode and add items to your gift list while browsing your favorite store.  You can even add items from stores that do not have websites by taking a picture and adding a few details about where the item can be purchased. And even if you’ve already started your registry on other sites, you can import those existing registries to create one, universal gift list! If you’ve got all of the home goods you need, but really need some help with the honeymoon, down payment on a house or creating a nursery fund, they also make it super easy for you to add a tasteful cash registry.

Not engaged yet? If you’re anything like me and planned out your entire wedding on Pinterest before you even got engaged (don’t tell my fiance) this is still a great resource for you! You can start your wish list now and when the time does come, you’ll be prepared with all of your home and kitchen essentials already favorited. Already married and expecting your first little one? MyRegistry.com is also the perfect place to create the registry for your baby shower.  Not sure where to start? MyRegistry.com has tons of inspiration boards with ideas for your big day – whether you’re getting married or planning the arrival of a beautiful newborn, they’ve made it easy to get inspired! Head on over and check it out!



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