Black and Gold Bridal Shower in Nigeria

Kunbi O / Monday March 30, 2015

Feyi's Bridal Shower-68

Happy Monday AP Friends! We’re so excited to share this fun and sparkly black and gold bridal shower by Oleander Catering with you. Bride to be Feyi is clearly one of us (discerning and just plain fabulous) so it completely makes sense that her bridal shower would reflect all the fabulous things that she is. Using the bride’s sorority colors, the event designer Fola created this black and glitter event chock-full of personalized details that have us beaming here at Aisle Perfect. We’ll get out of the way and let the pictures do the inspiring. Enjoy!

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Feyi's Bridal Shower-1

Feyi's Bridal Shower

Feyi's Bridal Shower-28

Feyonce Sash

Feyi's Bridal Shower-9

Feyi's Bridal Shower-178

Bride to Be Feyi

Feyi's Bridal Shower-30

Feyi's Bridal Shower-72

Feyi's Bridal Shower-126

Feyi's Bridal Shower-125

Feyi's Bridal Shower-6

Feyi's Bridal Shower-13 Feyi's Bridal Shower-16 Feyi's Bridal Shower-25

Black Gold Bridal Shower

42 Black and Gold Glitter Bridal Shower

Feyi's Bridal Shower-124

Black and Gold Bridal Shower 36

Feyi's Bridal Shower-97

Feyi's Fun Black and Gold Bridal Shower

Feyi's Bridal Shower-221

29 Black and Gold Glitter Bridal Shower

34 Black and Gold Glitter Bridal Shower

Feyi's Bridal Shower-85

Feyi's Bridal Shower-205

Feyi's Bridal Shower-176

Feyi's Bridal Shower-192

Feyi's Bridal Shower-190

From the Planner Fola:

The bride gave me complete creative control for the shower which turned out to be great, but I initially had no idea what direction to go in, as the bride didn’t give me any ideas or hints of what she’d wanted or didn’t want for her shower.

I knew I wanted a non-typical theme, and since I had recently stumbled across a couple of black and gold themed events online and loved them I asked the bride if she liked those colors. She replied saying she loved them and those were her sorority colors, and so I knew it was a definite from that point on.

Once I had come up with a theme I was sure the bride would love, I had a lot of fun planning the shower and made sure to personalise things as much as I could in order to truly make it a special event for the bride! My favourite detail of the shower was the Feyonce shash, which was perfect for our Beyonce-loving bride. Since I couldn’t find a bridal shash I liked I eventually decided not to go for the typical ‘bride to be’ shash and get this instead.

A special thanks to Oleander Catering who helped me throughout the process, they came up with 2 different menus for me to chose from, and on the day of the shower their waiters were extremely handy in helping me set up. They gave me some great ideas and took charge of some of the decorating which turned out to be great.


Vendors: Catering : Oleander Catering ( @oleander.catering ) | Cupcakes : Rumnpassion (@rumnpassion) | Cake Pops & Macaroons : (@mysokolad) | Photography : Damell Photography (@damellphotography