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Kunbi O / Monday July 14, 2014

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

How They Met

Mike and I met when i was 14 years old, at that stage I was dating one of his friends. But secretly I had a huge crush on him. I then dumped the “friend” and tried everything to impress Mike. Nothing worked, because being I good friend, he said there would never be something because his friend still had feelings for me.

When he finished school, we lost contact… Occasionally we would run into each other at a club, leaving me GaGa for weeks. Then 5 years later in my 3rd year of College, he was looking for a dance partner to start Ballroom lessons, obviously I was more than keen to be that partner. It didn’t take long for the chemistry to develop in something more that just a friendship. And soon we started dating.


Now we’ve been dating for 5 years, of which the first year was quite difficult. My father passed away, the first man I ever loved with all my heart. But through it all Mike knew exactly how to support me. All of it made our relationship stronger.

How He Asked

Before I start… I had a list of things I wanted as part of my proposal:

* Ask for my parents blessing
* Make it a complete surprise
* Get down on one knee
* Have someone catch it on Camera
* Make sure my nails are done

Sapphire Engagement Ring

My engagement ring is the first one I ever tried on… I remember EVERY time we went to that shopping mall, I would plan our route so that I can pass the window just to get a glimpse of the ring. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized that my ring was sold, not knowing that HE bought it!!!!

We have this deal that every year on Valentines we take turns to plan something special, this year was his turn. Very UN-romantically he planned a fishing trip. He warned me before hand that we would be staying in Plain-and-Simple (in my words Cheap) accommodation. Because the purpose of the trip is fishing and fishing alone. It was about 5 hours drive till we reached our destination. As we approached the town, he called the agent to arrange the collection of the key. We met up with her and she took us to the house. When we arrived it was a Mansion, with the most beautiful view overlooking Mosselbay. The Agent had her son with her, claiming he had some kind of photography project and he wanted to take a view pictures of the house… Still I had nooo idea “it” was happening.


The most annoying part of checking in to accommodation is the part where they uncomfortably explain to you how everything works. So I was trying to get them out of the house as soon as possible.We walked out on the terrace, me in front, taking in the view. That’s when he called my name and when I turned around, there he was on his knee asking me to marry him. I was in so much shock, that I yelled “no Mike”, NOT meaning I don’t want to marry him, but “no I can’t believe this is happening”. They (the agent and her son) were actually sad… thinking I was saying no.

After all family and friends were contacted and all the jitters had died down, we went for a romantic dinner on the beach. I loved that he asked me as we got there, that way we had the whole night, with dinner and the whole weekend to spend time with each other as an ENGAGED couple.

Bling of the Week

Now the question, did he tick everything on my list?

* Ask for my parents blessing
My father actually gave his blessing before he passed, and he asked my mom on the day we left, I had to go into work to finish off business and he knew had to wait that long, because my mother and I are too close and I would have figured it out.

* Make it a complete surprise
Well I thought it was a fishing trip… turns out, he got the best catch of his life 😉

* Get down on one knee
See pictures attached

* Have someone catch it on Camera
Got that!!

* Make sure my nails were done
My mom is a nails tech, for a few months I had different designs, but when my nails was due for touch up, he hinted, that I do a french (which is not funny, because I know, french is his favorite)

So YES, YES, YES! he ticked everything on my list!!


Anette H (@anettehaughton) shared her proposal story with us as part of our #APbling proposal /bling of the week series. To share your love story, please tag #apbling on instagram or email submissions@aisleperfect.com with the subject “#APbling” with a picture of your ring.