APBLING of the Week | Alycia and Keith’s Ojai Valley Proposal

Kunbi O / Thursday February 27, 2014
I live for our weekly love stories. Our bling of the week is Alycia’s stunning oval halo custom designed by  Neil Gennaoui at Bridal Diamond Palace in the LA diamond district. This gorgeous stunner of course comes with an even sweeter proposal story. Enjoy!

From the Bride 

Keith was very very sneaky!  He had forwarded me an email from one of his partners that gave details on an upcoming “Partners Getaway.”  I quickly scanned the email to make sure all of his partners were included on the email.  The email had in fact gone out to all the partners so I was certain this was NOT going to be “the weekend.”  Keith is not the kind of person to ask others for help so he definitely had me fooled.  In fact, I was so confident that I didn’t even get my nails done! 🙂  I had thought it would be the following weekend (Thanksgiving weekend) when we were camping in Joshua Tree.  I just had a hunch it was coming so I made a nail appointment for the following week before our camping trip.  A day late and a dollar short! 🙂
Saturday morning Keith and I made the breathtaking drive down the coast to Ojai Valley.  It was both of our first times visiting Ojai and we were just amazed at the beauty of the quaint little town. We started off the afternoon with drinks and appetizers and at around 3:30pm we headed back to the suite Keith had booked which overlooked the herb garden and pool.  The “partner’s dinner” was at 5:45pm so I wanted to watch the UCLA – ASU football game.  Keith kept nagging me to hurry and get dressed and finally I gave in.  Keith told me we needed to hurry because we were meeting one of his partners and his wife for drinks before dinner.  According to him, we had to walk through this herb garden to get to the bar where we were meeting them.

As soon as we stepped foot in the herb garden I knew something was up.  Keith got incredibly nervous and uncomfortable.  He was practically shaking!  We settled on this cute little cabana to sit and watch the sunset.  Keith is a sucker for sunsets and often makes me drive all the way to the beach just to watch the sunset so this was nothing out of the ordinary 🙂  As we sat down to admire the sunset, Keith reached down into his boot, pulled out the ring and got on his knee. It was the best day of our lives.Side Notes:- Keith hid the ring in the spare tire of the trunk-
-The hotel sent champagne and strawberries to the room before Keith even proposed.  Thank gosh I was getting dressed and had no idea anyone came to the door.
-Keith was drinking anything he could get his hands on from the minibar.  Should have been a dead giveaway.  Everyone knows Keith doesn’t drink from the minibar 🙂

How adorable! Congrats Lecie and Keith! We decided to share some pictures from their lovely engagement shoot by Forget Me Knot Photography.

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